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06-01-2012, 01:07 PM
This should be made sticky.

First let me say this currently only applies to Futaba TX with YGE ESC's plugged in directly to a Futaba RX or CGY750 THe (throttle port). It does not apply to Vbar gov or SK720 gov.

The issue causes a mis-alignment of TX Throttle % to the actual ESC throttle %.
The misalignment causes a non linear power increase based on throttle position. This is most noticeable when comparing RPM change from 60% to 80% and 80% to 100%.

To fix the issue you should re-program your motor stop/motor full using this modified instruction subset:

1.) Programming your TX Endpoint Range with YGE plugged into CGY750

The process for programming your YGE ESC with PROG CARD using a Futaba TX is identical to the original YGE instructions with the exception of the TX throttle curve used for programming the YGE MOTOR STOP and FULL SPEED. In your TX set a temporary linear throttle curve where low stick =1% and high stick is =99%. Using YGE Programming card Set YGE MOTOR STOP at low stick (1%) and FULL SPEED at high stick (99%).

Calibrating your Endpoints

Calibrating YGE Endpoints (necessary for External Gov)
2.) Once Programming is complete you wlll need to calibrate your low and high endpoints to ensure throttle accuracy necessary for future External gov operation.
Set the same linear throttle curve used during programming with low stick =1% and high stick=99%.
a.) Low endpoint calibration: Make sure ESC is powered down and throttle cable plugged into RX/FBL throttle channel. Set stick to low position (1%) Go to TX Endpoint menu and reduce low enpoint to 50%... Leave TX in Endpoint menu and power up ESC with lipo. (ESC will initialize lipo count but should not of armed yet). Slowly increase Low endpoint 1 point at at time untill the ESC audiably arms. Once ESC is armed...stop increasing endpoint on TX( no buffer endpoint necessary)... Disconnect power on ESC. Low endpoint is now calibrated... (set low throttle back to 0%).

b.) High Endpoint calibration. must be done on bench without blades or motor pinion. Power up ESC and increase throttle to 99% and go to TX endpoint menu. IF ESC LED is off...decrease the High Endpoint until LED turns back on. 99% throttle = Last endpoint where ESC LED is still lit.

YGE instructions have always suggested that with some transmitters the range would need to be adjusted.

The speed controller has a fixed throttle curve setting, so
that with all usual transmitters the stop and full power points
are linearly connected. With all programmable transmitters,
the throttle range should be set to default (100%), the
center point set to zero and throttle trim enabled.
Nevertheless, with some transmitter types the range needs
to be adjusted. For that the throttle endpoints have to be set
so that one notch before lowest stick position the motor is
stopped and that one notch before full power the motor is
actually at full power. Full power is indicated by the LED that
is completely turned off.

Steve Evans
06-02-2012, 05:06 PM
Hi Joe,

I've just wired up my heli so I can easily plug in the ProgCard (such wiring is normally hidden) and I've negotiated use of the kitchen table tomorrow for bench testing, so I'll do some logging and post the throttle response curves for normal calibration using full range and your method. It makes sense to plot battery voltage, S.Bus THR channel, ESC PWM and headspeed during ESC programming, Tx calibration, and some test runs to plot response. Any special requests?


Steve Evans
06-03-2012, 09:30 AM
Deleted due to doubt over if I disabled gov mode before running my tests. I spent hours yesterday doing this and I was convinced I'd disabled the gov, but now Joe has asked me about it I can't claim to remember actually doing so. The peak RPM when I ran gov. store at the end of the procedure was higher than the peak RPM measured during the testing, so I think I probably disabled the gov, but I can't be sure enough to use the results to cast any doubt over Joe's finding.

Apologies for any potential confusion caused. I shall have to repeat this when I've a few spare hours.


Steve Evans
06-03-2012, 02:18 PM
See above.

06-18-2012, 11:36 AM
What do you do if plugged into a vbar but not using the external vbar gov? (using YGE gov)

Steve Evans
06-18-2012, 04:42 PM
In that case I don't think it matters. When using gov. store mode the throttle input is constant, so dynamic response doesn't matter. When calibrating gov. store (on the first spool up after enabling it) the YGE spools up to the max RPM you allow, and thereafter you just set it to a percentage of that. Joe's method was addressing the response for dynamic operation with an external gov.


07-31-2012, 07:29 AM
Thannks for posting this. I am about to setup my first YGE 160 with a 8FG trans andCGY750 and would have never done this had I not seen your insructions!!! How did you make the 1%-99% linear? I'me guessing you INH everything in between 1% and 99%? I tried doing it mathematically and the controller won't give me that many decimal points! lol
One other question, what happens if I don't do your method? Will the governor act weird or will I just notice a non linear RPM change as I'm trying to find a perfect HS? I ask because ALL 3 of my flight modes NOR, IU1 and IU2 are ALL linear aka 3 Gov HS settings.

06-08-2014, 03:25 PM

there is a lot of confusing and misguided information regarding how one should set -up YGE esc's.
Just reading the YGE thread regarding how one should setup gov store sticky alone is all over the place to say the least

I think YGE is doing a great dis-service not properly explaining things.
For one if one needs to re-do stick calibration its important to turn off freewheel and Gov store to redo your stick calibration.

you will have many issue's I feel getting a proper one to one linear calibration of tx stick to esc. Mostly due to the fact that each manufacture be it Futaba or JR etc each with different pulse ms output.

with out using a data logger to properly read PWM output based on each stick position it difficult to know if you truly have a 1 to 1 linear output.

imagine introducing external gov into the mix with YGE setup yet another layer of calibration that needs to be right or it be way off.

With YGE premium price point they should try and work on there manual for one.:thumbup:

06-08-2014, 07:00 PM
I understand turning the gov off. But not freewheel. Please explain why freewheel needs to be off

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06-08-2014, 07:38 PM
in theory I believe freewheel left on has no adverse affect on actually stick calibration however there been an entire discussion on the germany forums regarding esc and this has been mentioned.

Perhaps its more to do with having things set to factory default.
Never tried leaving freewheel on and re-checking if gov. store remained "off".

06-08-2014, 08:06 PM
Thank you for the explanation. I can't see how it could effect it. But I don't make the esc either. I do know they recommend binding at a slower speed when doing endpoints. And having the gov off just kinda makes sense. But it would not make sense to a noob. You are right. Better documentation is called for. But it's German. Not saying anything mean. But I wouldn't hold your breath. It's like chenglish, but with Germans. Ever read some of the tool tips for the vbar? There is one spot, where it says the adjustment isn't very sensible. What they wanted to say was sensitive. But hey. Ya almost gotta pretend you're talking to a teenager via text where you have to decipher their meaning.

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06-08-2014, 08:14 PM
I can respect that English is not there first language but at the same time I feel they must invest a little bit of effort and make better instructions.

when there charging 400 + for an esc with only 6 month warranty in North America then its in there best interest.

for instance having cut off voltage "on" I feel is a really really bad advise. both YGE and mr.mel have recommended this. why I don't know.

I for one don't want my esc to turn off and lose an entire heli better it ruin my packs there hell of lot cheaper !

just one example of bad advise in my opinion.

06-08-2014, 09:21 PM
I agree

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08-06-2014, 09:48 PM
for instance having cut off voltage "on" I feel is a really really bad advise. both YGE and mr.mel have recommended this. why I don't know.

I for one don't want my esc to turn off and lose an entire heli better it ruin my packs there hell of lot cheaper !

Can't you select "slow down" in conjunction with cut off on and cut off level? The way I understand it, you could set it to just slow down the RPM when you hit the cut off level. You don't have to actually have the ESC turn off all together.

PS. I really enjoy this hobby except for one thing - I have never seen such shitty manuals and documentation across the board in anything else I have ever done. Its literally like they all compete to see who can put out the worst manuals. Given the money we put into this hobby and the complexity of some of the issues, I can't see why we cant' get top notch, clear, comprehensive manuals with perfect English.