View Full Version : Case for Airtronics 94761

08-08-2007, 09:40 AM
As the title says, I am looking for a case for an Airtronics 94761 servo. I discovered when I was removing the ears that the plastic was even more brittle than the plastic on the servos Bob was using in whichever video he showed the proper way to remove the ears on a servo. I was clipping the plastic a little at a time when the whole ear shot off the servo and left a nice little hole in the servo case. After I was done berating myself, I finished the other servos with my Dremel and a cut-off wheel. Live and learn.

Of course, now I need a new case for my servo, assuming I can actually replace the rear part of the case. All the places I have found that carry the cases are out of stock at the moment. Does anyone know of any place that has one of these cases in stock?

If I can't find one, I am going to have to attempt a temporary repair until I can find one. It's not the ideal solution, but at least I will be able to continue with my build.