View Full Version : New Trex 100x no take off

06-14-2012, 04:32 PM
Hey guys I'm new to Heli's and having trouble. I started with a syma s107 then to a horizon force mh35 for office fun. Both came already assembled but with the align it required you to screw in the screw into the shaft. Sorry I don't know proper terms or names yet. I'm just now exploring and doing research on the hobby.
Anyhow after doing what the instructions instructed I begin to start learning single axle flying but the micro won't take off. Not even at 100% throttle from my hand. Servos seem to work. Havent seen one fly in person so I'm not sure if the speed is correct or if that's what is keeping it from flying.
I bought it for a camping trip which I'm on now so I can only use the radio to charge the two lipo's. Called the hobby shop and they said doesn't seem the batteries are charging right and to charge it from another port like the computer or wall charger. I'll do they when I return home but for now I'm posting to see if there is anything I missed. And help is appreicatied.
Also so I don't a few more questions to avoid other post
1) would the sr100 blade had been a better choice to fly outdoors given the size? I wanted a micro to fly indoors and out but mostly out.
2) I'm gonna read tnrough the Trex 100 threads but in case I miss something, should I do anything to avoid headacea? Hop ups etc?

06-15-2012, 01:30 AM
Hey guys
Sorry for the post. Seems the radio isn't putting a good charge on the battery. Charge it with a friends USB wall charger and it seems to be doing ok now. Just gotta do all the trim and I'm good to go.