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07-11-2012, 03:33 PM
hey guys looking to get into the 700 class. the ballistic seems to be a nice heli. i just dont see this forum to active. i was wondering how popular they are and are the parts easy to find ? also those who do have them, how are the holding up over time and how do they hold up in a crash ?

07-12-2012, 03:03 PM
I also notised the low activity here, but I just bought one. Will get the ballistic this monday =) Maybe its really working well, so not much to talk about...


07-12-2012, 05:33 PM
i hope so man. there seems to be more activity over at RR

07-12-2012, 08:04 PM
I have a Ballistic that I am getting ready to put together. Looking at what is in the box and the comments here and on RR this is going to be one awesome heli. From what I can tell there is not a lot to talk about, Curtis nailed the design from the get go. This is a BFE helicopter-Build, Fly and Enjoy.

07-12-2012, 09:57 PM
I've had a Ballistic since release and have had no problems with it.

My only complaint would be that the skids aren't quite as rigid as other brands, but meh, them breaking in a hard landing is better than breaking frames or something else up the line.

I've got the helical version, with metal tail gears. I used to grease the metal gears for the first few weeks, but don't bother at all anymore, they get a bit warm after a flight, but nothing to stress over.

As the bloke above me said, its definitely a BFE job.

07-13-2012, 12:03 PM
I stay mostly on RR but the ballistic is an awesome heli! Your gunna love it!

Shoot me a pm if you run into anything....Very EZ build!


07-13-2012, 03:02 PM
thanks man. looking to actually buy it here within a month.

07-13-2012, 06:21 PM
BTW - they don't name it a BALLISTIC for it good looks. Once you fly it you will know why .....

Lee Taylor
07-15-2012, 08:24 PM
BTW - they don't name it a BALLISTIC for it good looks. Once you fly it you will know why .....

+1 :D