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10-05-2012, 07:39 PM
Hey guys

Has anyone used the Walkera telemetry module with a 12 cell battery setup? I am rumning my trex600E Pro and a 12s setup and The voltage readout doesn't give me the total voltage of my 2 - 6s batteries hooked in a series. I get 25.2 v which is one 6s fully charged. I am hooked.to.the ESC end of the "Y" connector and my esc is seeing 12 cells so there is nothing wrong.with my setup, it flies great. Just hooked this.module up ane I am confused. Any ideas?

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10-20-2013, 05:28 AM
It is too late maybe for a reply but here in Italy we say: Better late than never ;)
I have the same problem and I tried to contact walkera about it, here is my last e-mail that I sent:

I tried to contact you few times about this problem but still no any reply about it from you! I'm a little bit deluded about it!
I installed the CTL01-D telemetry module on my trex 800 and connected the 2x6s 5000 mAh batteries in series so the real voltage should be 46.2 volt but the telemetry module measures constantly 25.2 volt (on the devo 12s V1.5A/1.0.8), no matter what happen, if the real voltage is 50 volt or 46 the walkera telemetry measures always 25.2 volt!!
You can see my video about it on http://youtu.be/uyazBW3oFDY
I searched and I found the same problem encountered by this guy http://youtu.be/jtAQqZ3WqUg and others and is became famous!

After tests, I found that or the telemetry module doesn't measure more than 25.2 volts or the devo 12s is not able to show more than 25.2 volts

Please Help!!

So, did you solve the problem??