View Full Version : Video - Modified Esky Honey Bee FP - Slo-Max 300/DD Tail/Ar6100 Rx

12-30-2007, 09:07 PM
I finally had the opportunity to get outside and fly today! This is my new modified HBFP with the following setup:

- Slo-Max 300 Main Motor w/10T Pinion and Heatsink
- GWS DD Tail Motor (CN12-RXC) - No Heatsink
- GWS Tail Rotor Housing and Vertical Fin
- GWS 4530 Tail Rotor Prop
- Super Skids
- Spektrum AR6100 Rx
- E-flite 3-in-1
- Esky 0704A HH Gyro
- Kyosho M24 Blades
- Commonsense RC 2S 800mAh 10C Lipo
- Esky Honey Bee King II Canopy
- Spektrum DX7 Tx

I put this bird together last night and conducted a couple of shakedown/hover flights in the basement about 1:00am this morning (I know...I'm really addicted :D). My wife offered to video this flight, which I appreciated very much.

The weather conditions were not the greatest...cold, overcast, 31 F, with winds from my 2 o'clock position at up to 10 mph. My bare hands were absolutely freezing after this short 5 1/2 min. flight.

I hadn't flown outside since November 10. The only other flight since then was in a gymnasium a couple of weeks ago. I have been spending my regular time on Phoenix RC sim to stay somewhat sharp; however, I did feel I was just a little rusty and I did have a couple of near-misses during those those fast diving, high-banked downwind turns. Those will certainly keep you on the sticks! Overall, I was very satisified with how I flew today.

Embedded - http://blip.tv/file/569898

Direct Launch or Right-Click to Download - http://blip.tv/file/get/Racin06-ModifiedEskyHoneyBeeFP2463.wmv