View Full Version : Attempt to optimise Trex 500

02-01-2008, 12:08 AM
Feedback are welcome. Let me know if I am heading the wrong path.

What do you do when you want safety, good power to learn acrobatic. Trying to find a balance on with Trex 500.
Thanks to masa (kora) and bunyan (463mm blade) for their testing to give me condifental to dive into purchasing these components to add to my own quest.

NOTE: As I pick up my flying skill, this "balance" factor will probably change. Proto specification is a simulation.

Baseline target:
- Disc loading is the key for me. Slighty heavy heli is better in my view to ge the stability. No want to get back to 450 size situation where wind become a factor.
- MSH proto 500 is a very impressive performance. Not trying to make Trex 500 better then proto as I will probably get my hands on a proto when it is out. But for now, I have to settle with Trex 500.
- A123 for the safety

Key components:
- Kora motor against stock - 50g lower
- currently 450mm blade (non-sym) ; goal is 463mm blade ( on its way to me)

- Kora 15-12 looks to work well for me with 450mm (non-sym) blade.
Attached eagle log with 6SA123, 5mins of solid performance. nothing get warm after flight.
Attached PDF give idea of what disc loading target I am aiming for.
- pending 463mm MAH blade to get to my goal.