View Full Version : Vibration issue

02-13-2008, 11:32 AM

I have had my K3D for about four weeks now, to start with I had a tail wag, this was sorted by changing the tail and belt. All was OK for about a week.

I now have the tail wag back and the FG Canopy vibrates badly, The heli has had no crashes or hard landings. Also I have noticed that the Gov struggles to hold the head speed after three tanks of flying in a day

603 Maniac main blades
95mm Align tail blades
Hyper 50
Revlock 20
CSM SL420 micro gyro with JR 8900G
Fuel Mag 20%

The K3D was boxed and checked 26/7/2007 so the paperwork in the boxes states.

Please could some one tell me if there are any upgrades that I need to sort this issue or any tips to resolve.


PS seen this http://www.fast-lad.co.uk/store/02-0318_upgraded_starter_assembly-p-2794.html?osCsid=0555e234a66ca615ca9330fa2d33aeaa do i need this?