View Full Version : Had to reset spartan gyro after changing piro rates.

07-28-2008, 11:33 PM
So I noticed that my piro rate to the right was way slower than my piros to the left. Ok, easy fix - just increase the right from 100 to 118. I plug in a new lipo into the trex and notice that the spartan gyro is blinking twice (in the manual this states that it is recieving rudder input) but i'm not touching the sticks nor do I see any trim used.

I proceed to spin up and see what the heli does in the air and I notice that the tail is drifting right. (even though it was ROCK solid before) I then bring her down and go through the process of configuring the gyro and setting the end-points again.

I then plug in the lipo again to see if the gyro is blinking twice but it's solid. (as expected) I then spool her up and she is tracking perfectly.

Any ideas why this happened? Do I need to set up the gyro every time I modify the piro speed?

07-29-2008, 08:27 AM
You need to power on the gyro in AVCS mode so it can learn the stick neutral. Also you need to make sure that the trims don't change between Normal and Idle Up which is possible in some radios. Finally if you are using DMS2 radio please follow the guidelines for binding the receiver while the gain is set low to the gyro can identify that the receiver has not linked with the TX and wait until it does.