View Full Version : Scorption 1400 with 14T ?

09-22-2008, 09:30 AM

I bought Scorpion 1600 but got 1400 variant instead :(. Anyhow, before sending it back I wanted to check if 1400 with 14T could be useful. I understood that Scorpion 1400 with 15T is rocket but will kill the stock ESC, correct ?

Hope to get some good information.

09-22-2008, 01:15 PM
i happen to be running 14t with the 3026-1400 with stock esc. 100% throttle curves on stunt2, over 40 flights, mild 3d no problems

09-22-2008, 01:40 PM
Thanks, and how is it compared to stock motor with 13T 100% ?

09-22-2008, 01:46 PM
oh, definitely alot more powerful/punchier(even when the hs is supposed to be lower than stock on 13t)

hs doesnt drop as much during tictocs, heli seems "floatier"

the 500xl with 13t on outrage xps is not bad either delivering 1300w of peak power

09-22-2008, 02:36 PM
ok good info here, and flight time compared to with stock motor ?

Maybe I will keep it then ...

09-22-2008, 09:03 PM
flight times, a reduction of 20-25s over stock