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All-in-one field box for nitros

Posted 02-05-2011 at 11:10 AM by nwmtech

It was definitely time to work on a new field box. I load my helis and equiptment in and out of the truck a lot so I've been looking at making something a little more all-in-one. Not to mention the auto tech in me has a bad problem of bringing everything but the kitchen sink to the field so one goal for this season is to be a little more practical and save my back. I think I found a great solution. I went down to Lowes and picked up Stanley mobile work station. The bottom section fits two gallons of fuel perfectly. There's a small 3" shelf in the back of the lower section so I took some velcro and ran a strip across the inside on the back wall. I then just put some small pieces of velcro on my alcohol spray and starter. So my starter, spray, and a roll of paper towels reside on that little shelf securely. There's also small 1" deep shelfs on the insides of the outer walls in the bottom section from the wheels being countersunk. Did the same there with the velcro so I've got TriFlow, Loctite, CA, and a glow plug caddy on there.

The top section of the box is shaped like a regular plain plastic tool box with a top tray. In the bottom I used some black egg carton foam and some thinner closed cell foam and made a happy little section for my transmitter. This left about a 5" wide section left in the bottom. I bought some small clear containers for fishing tackle that fit snugly and neatly in there. I keep my optical tach and multigov programmer in there too. The tray clears the tx just barely when sitting in the top of the box. For the top tray I just put some of the anti skid stuff you use in RV's and hot glued in a piece of closed cell foam in the middle of the tray under the handle to keep tools from dropping down in to the lower section. In the lid of the box I glued some more black egg carton foam to help hold the tools down in the tray when transporting.

Now the whole box has a nice flip up handle and large wheels for rolling around when you're moving it but I have to go up a flight of stairs out of the my hobby room in the basement to make it to the truck. The way it's designed when you pick it up by the handle in the middle the entire weight is supported by the two yellow latches that hold the lid down on the upper box. Knowing this was going to have a fair amount of weight in it with the fuel I went ahead and added a metal latch to the front of the box to help support the weight when carrying.

I do have a seperate tool case I made into a charging station but I don't bring it with me for the quick days at the field as I don't need to charge anything. It would be easy enough to keep a small charger in the bottom of this box though just to throw on the truck battery for receiver batts. I've been using this field box for about two weeks now and couldn't be any happier. It seems to be holding up well and has made hauling my equiptment around much easier. Coolest part is the box was about $20!

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