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Heli-Log 4:25:2012

Posted 04-25-2012 at 11:22 AM by rcnut

I managed to get out flying Saturday and last night. The weather here hasn’t been cooperating that well…windy, rainy, and now cooler (low 50’s during the day and mid 30”s at night). What happened to that warmer weather we all had???

Saturday on the 3rd and 4th flight, my Compass 3D+ started having carburetor issue. Come to find out, it is loose…again! So I’ll have to look into modifying it (fixing) so it will never come loose again! Well, come loose when I would like it to, but not in the air!

I helped Bob with his hover practice and even got him to lift off from the grass. Well until he had a slight accident which resulted in breaking his training gear. So Bob learned how to land and take off without the training gear! I told him to practice only on cement for now, once he feels comfortable with that, then we will start working with grass. Bob is learning fast and at 66 years old, he gets it! I have Bob moving side to side, and forward and backwards! For homework, I told him to turn the heli sideways a little at a time, both left and right sides. Bob has about 35-40 heli flights under his belt now. Wow!

I have plans for Bob flying my Trex 700N FBL this summer, before IRCHA. Of course I will tune my 700 down for him, but we will be taking it to IRCHA. This way Bob can feel like the rest of us flying the bigger heli’s…instead of only his little 450’s. Not that there is anything wrong with flying 450 heli’s, it will be an accomplishment status for him! And…not to mention he will be buying my 700 from me sometime this year. Bob has already asked about it.

Now Greg on the other hand is still struggling with hovering. Tunnel vision is his biggest issue, but he is getting better at it. I think the fact that we are using the bobby box for teaching is helping him to listen to me, and the fact that I have the ability to take over any time I need to without warning. Greg found this out by trying to be sneaky and try something new with someone else’s heli, and not telling me about his intentions. “Oh no you don’t!” I told him, not while flying someone else’s heli. Yea, the phrase “fly it like you stole it” isn’t going to apply here…maybe later.

Last night was fun! Coronal, Bob and I met at our practice site, and we had a blast. Bob is progressing fast, Coronal is just off the hook with his flying, and me…well I’m getting better acquainted with my heli’s, especially my 6HV. My 6HV has a slightly different feel then my nitro’s or Protos 500 heli’s (it has a much “tighter” feel, like that of a new car). Maybe it’s due to being an electric with some serious power! Or I think it is the way Eric Brandenburg has it setup, slightly more responsive than the way I have my other heli’s setup.

Giving this some more thought…it might be the fact that I am using too much collective pitch during my maneuvers, and the 6HV is responding very quickly to those collective commands! Whatever the case may be, I am definitely noticing the difference…and liking it! My flying skills are progressing, but at a slower pace than I would like. Once the newbie’s break from the buddy-box, then I can spend some serious time flying.
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