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Heli-Log 5:7:2012 [edit]

Posted 05-07-2012 at 10:52 AM by rcnut
Updated 05-09-2012 at 09:23 AM by rcnut

Went out flying Saturday with another two new heli pilots (that’s 4 total). Jason has a Blade 450 3D, and Dennis has a Trex 450 SA(?), it needs some more fine tuning, but flyable for a trainer.

Jason had his Blade 450 at the hobby shop for repairs earlier in the week (something Jason will never do from this time on!). We got together Friday night and gave it a good going over. I took the opportunity to program my new DX8 radio as a trainer. However, not being familiar with my new radio, and failure to read the instructions, I wasn’t able to get the collective pitch and tail servos to work right. So I opted to test fly Jason’s heli first and then worry about what I had done later.

The programming he had in his radio is great for a first time pilot, but lacks the ability to handle the wind…meaning it “balloons up” with a small gust, and the head speed varies too much to compensate which results in an over controlling effect. So a little radio reprogramming, adjusting the low end of the collective (adding about 2 degrees, negative) pitch, and upping the head speed some. Also the tail had too much expo and caused the tail to become very mushy, slow to react (50% expo!).

Once the new setting where applied, Jason’s heli flew a whole lot better. It is very stable in small gusting winds, like it can handle up to 7 mph before popping up. And the tail is a lot easier to control (more locked in), the gyro now holds the tail into position better. Early Saturday morning, I searched the web for the Blade 450 3D manual and programmed my DX8 to the new setting…now the DX8 works the way it is supposed to.

The 3 of us met at our heli practice site. Dennis arrived first, so I took the time to add another profile to my DX8 radio. Dennis was having some “bobbling” issues with his 450. So I looked at the head and found there was too much slop in the head dampening. I ask if he had any spare parts with him, and changed out the “O” rings. During the test flight, his heli still has some issue with the dampening. I increased the head speed some to help (very little, but better). I have a couple of other ideas I can do to solve his issues, but in the meantime, it will work for hovering.

The two pilots did very well on the buddy box system, and neither of them crashed their heli’s. I, in the meantime, put in 2 flights on my 6HV. I had to show off to Jason’s girlfriend. Due to Jason always wrecking his, she hasn’t seen a heli do much…until I flew once! Now she has an interest/respect for heli’s other than the old cliché some women have about our “toys.”

I am getting better acquainted/comfortable with my 6HV, but its blazing speed is a bit intimidating! It can really move out fast…I can see me loosing it and turning the flying area into a debris field of 6HV parts…LoL. I pray that doesn’t happen! Tuesday is promising to be nice and sunny (yea…right!), if so, I plan on getting out and putting in some serious practicing! I have added a profile to the DX8 for my Compass 3D+, maybe I’ll try it out tomorrow…maybe.
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