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..The sun is out!...Let's go FLYING....False alarm...
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Heli-Log 5:31:2012

Posted 05-31-2012 at 09:38 AM by rcnut

Well it finally happened. The carb on my 3D+ came loose on the second flight, and went lean in flight which resulted in ruining the piston! So this time, Iíll order a new piston and ring, buy all new loctite [red and blue], and silicon gasket sealer. I will rebuild it and try it again, and if that doesnít workÖIíll buy a new motor.

So far the parts ordered for the Thunder Tiger motor comes to $65.99 [piston, ring, connecting rod (just in case)]. I also ordered a piston, ring, and bearing set for my Align motor. Somewhere this motor is sucking air! It runs great for a couple of flights, then goes lean. It doesnít matter at what level the fuel tank is, Iíve been watching this.

Thankfully, my 6HV and Protos is flying well. I put in one flight on each then called it quits, the temps were falling (63 degrees) and I was getting cold (no jacket!). All in all, 4 flights for the day. Looks like Iíll be flying my electric more until I get both nitro motors fixed.

Today, it is raining, so Iíll take this opportunity to transfer the radio setting of my Protos 500 and Compass 6HV into my DX8. Iím really getting to like the DX8 over my JR 9303. The sticks are smoother, the countdown timer is on the throttle, and for some reasonÖall the switches are easier to reach without needing to look or feel with my fingers. I think some of that is attributed to the spacing of the switch locations. They seem further apart so my big fingers can fit between them comfortably.

However, Iím a bit leery of the battery in the DX8. When charging [according to the manual] the transmitter, the light [Spektrumís bars] never changes color or even goes out when the charge cycle is complete. I guess [considering itís raining] I can try charging the pack outside of the radio and watch what my charger says.

Time will tellÖ
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