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..The sun is out!...Let's go FLYING....False alarm...
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Heli-Log 6:7:2012

Posted 06-07-2012 at 09:01 AM by rcnut

Yesterday was a great day to fly, winds around 5 mph! I just had to put some flight time on my Rave, however, disaster struck. The first flight was great, motor running smooth and a bit on the rich side. By the end of the flight, it started to lean out a bit. I checked that idle needle (fuel flow) and it had moved just a little or so it would seem. I turned it out an 1/8th and everything [once again] was fine.

At the end of the second flight, during an auto, the motor died slowly, as if I had the idle trim set too low. A quick check in the radio programming for the throttle hold setting, and sure enough, I had it set low enough the motor would barely run…simple fix. Third flight, upon spool up, the swashplate was tilted to the left and it quickly tipped over, before I could react, causing the heli to spin around as the blades dug into the ground…oops! I’ve been meaning to change the parameter in the Total-G programming to prevent this. Damage is minimal as far as I can tell. Broke a link on the swash going to the blade grip, cracked one carbon fiber boom support (easy fix), slightly creased the boom, and dinged the blade from the blade grip. It was more embarrassing that anything else.

So I put away my Rave and proceeded to put in 2 flights on my 6HV and Protos 500. In the meantime, Bob had his Blade 450 3D fixed and flying great. The screws on the mixer and washout had come loose after many flights. I showed him how to tighten them and how to check them for slop. Early yesterday, Bob went to fly his Blade, second flight, and it wouldn’t spool up! Upon careful inspection, the motor shaft had broken, so it is laid up for the time being.

Bob got brave and tried out his Trex 450 SE…without me assisting! I was hoping to buddy box with him for the first couple of flights to allow him time to get used to the controls…and power! But Bob did great and loves the power and stability of his 450. On the second flight, I almost witnessed him planting his 450 into the ground. Bob has been trying to fly circles, counter clockwise, and messed up the turn coming into him. However, he learned or should I say did his first struggling recovery! Yea, his knees were knocking together after that one!

I reassured him it was ok and he alone saved his heli (great job!), now just fly from side to side of a little while…something he know how to do very well. After some time to rest and collect his thoughts…Bob went up again. This time I talked him through the process of making turns slowly and carefully…then I gave him some “homework” to work on.

Tonight and tomorrow night is work on heli’s night. The piston, ring, and bearings have arrived, so now I can rebuild that Align engine! I will fix my Rave and finally transfer the programming to the DX8 radio...and the Trex 700. Why shoot...I might do the same for the 6HV! I am really liking the feel of my DX8. the DX18 is almost out and it looks great! It's a bit pricey, $799.99. So I'll use the DX8 for a while, let the DX18 wear-in a bit...working out the bugs. Then maybe...

More to come…
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