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..The sun is out!...Let's go FLYING....False alarm...
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Heli-Log 6:11:2012

Posted 06-11-2012 at 09:05 AM by rcnut

Bob and I decided to head out early Saturday morning, due to the higher temps forecasted for the day. I took the Trex 700, the Compass 6HV, and Protos 500. First flight was on the Protos 500 while the electric starter batteries were on the charger. I helped Bob with a couple of his flights, and then broke out the Trex 700. First flight, it was running great. Having the needles set to 1-7/8 out. By the time I got to the bottom of the tank (~7 minutes), the motor started to run lean. Landed fast and dropped the throttle to zero.

Yep…the motor was hot, but not too hot. So I let it sit for a couple of hours to cool off. In the mean time, I worked on Bob some more trying to get him to fly a circle with his Trex 450se. Bob finally managed to get through his first circle for the day, it was ugly, but it was a circle! And after another minute, he tried it again! This time his 450 rolled into the ground.  He applied too much aileron during the turn instead of rudder.

Damage, surprisingly was minimal. Mainshaft, feathering shaft, boom, belt, main blades, paddles (they were carbons), and flybar. Bob had everything needed with him except for the mainshaft and main blades. I repaired his 450 and everything will be good once again. While repairing his heli, I asked Bob if he would be nervous trying the circle again? Yes was his reply. That’s normal I told him and “we” will work on it together.

Before we go out again, I will have him sit at my sim and practice the maneuver several times to get a better understanding of how the sticks need to move…then we will venture out and try it for real.

Once done with Bob’s heli, it was time to fly the Trex 700 some more. Second flight, as the 700 lifted into the air, the motor started to go lean!??? Totally confused at this point…so I turned both needles out one half turn, now at 2-1/2 turns out. This time the motor was “fat and happy”! Plenty of smoke, rich sound coming from the muffler, and a good head speed. This time I was able to fly the whole tank with the same mixture/richness.

Third flight, up in the air and started flying around. During the 3rd / 4th lap around the field, the motor picked up some rpm. Not sure if this was a good thing. Landed, checked the backplate, and it was warm to the touch…but not hot! So I continued flying. Normally, while breaking in a new motor, I fly around in normal mode, flat, no aerobatics or 3D for many flights. However, I did switch into idle 1 and performed a big loop. First I slowly got up some forward speed and then let inertia take over. The motor loaded up a little, about 5 seconds worth, and returned to normal for a couple of minutes.

Before calling it a day, due to it getting really hot, I put in two flights on my 6HV…that felt really good! Bob and I decided to get out of the heat and go get some lunch, it was a semi good day!
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