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..The sun is out!...Let's go FLYING....False alarm...
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Heli-Log 6:24:12

Posted 06-24-2012 at 12:35 PM by rcnut

Yesterday was a great day to go flying! Eric and I decided to go to our other place to practice...and it was a good thing we did. Later Chuck stopped by and informed us our flying field was full, both sunshades! A field of nothing but plankers! We wouldn't have been able to fly as much as we did.

I started out with my Trex 700N FBL heli. I had just transferred the settings to my DX8 and was itching to try it out. First flight...the tail gain was quit low which I would rather have vs. too high. The swashplate needed some right trim, but this kind of defeats the purpose with a FBL controller. Well, for this flight I added the trim necessary for stable flight. Next the aileron & elevator control was very I had some tuning to do. Then I noticed the flight gain wasn't working / responding properly.

During the first flight, I addressed the aileron & elevator controls. Kept upping the tail gain until it started to hunt during clockwise nose-in funnels...still haven't reached that point...yet! By the second flight, I wound up setting the travel adjust for the aileron & elevator to 95. For the Total-G, the max limits are set in the computer program...during setup, and the sensitivity is set in the radio in the travel adjust / end point adjustment. What ever, it's working much better now!

After checking the settings for the flight gain, which I thought wasn't working was actually working. It seemed like the second flight everything started working like it was intended. By the third flight, I kept having a tail twitch problem while performing forward flips. This was driving me nuts! It didn't do that before... On the fourth flight I realized I still had some aileron & elevator trim mixed in and now I could see the effects. So I landed, adjusted the trim out and poof! All better now, but the tail was still acting funny.

During clean up of my 700, I discovered the small metal block the holds the tail lever was loose. This caused a lot of slop in the tail blades. Removed the tail control rod, the control arm, the 3 screws holding the side plate, and finally the small metal block. Toctited the screw, then reassembled everything. This should fix it, I'll find out later today!

Now that the 700 is flying 98% better, it was time to work on the Compass 6HV. The 6HV was easy compared to the 700, I just needed to adjust the tail gain and now it flys as well as it did on my 9303! The rest of the day was spent flying and practicing old maneuvers and working on new maneuvers. All in all, 12 flights total for the day.
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