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..The sun is out!...Let's go FLYING....False alarm...
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Heli-Log 6:27:2012

Posted 06-27-2012 at 09:17 AM by rcnut

Yesterday I finished (almost) working on the Compass 3D+. This motor has been modified for more power, better fuel economy, and out fitted with an O.S. carburetor. However, the adaptor plate was drilled and 2 grub screws were used to hold the carb on place. In my case, the carb kept coming loose! And one of the grub screws would no longer work, it was locked in place.

So I heated the adapter plate, removed the grub screw, and cleaned the hole out. Then I drilled and tapped 2 new holes 90 degrees apart from the first 2. So now I have 4 screws holding the carb…hope this works! I flipped the 3D+ inverted on the workbench and proceeded to install the motor. Part way into the install, I noticed fuel leaking on my workbench! What the heck!? There was some fuel left in the tank and I clamped both lines off while working on the motor.

The leak was coming from the top of the tank by the vent hole. Ok, I removed the tank and cleaned it well, then flipped it inverted and seen fuel coming from the pressure fitting for the vent line. I tried to tighten the brass fitting only to see a crack along the seam the brass fitting goes into. FINE! Remove the fitting, clean everything well with alcohol, used some Zap-A-Dap-A-Goo around the threads of the brass fitting, installed the brass fitting into the tank, then glued all around the fitting and tank making sure some of the glue was smeared into the crack.

I set this aside to dry undisturbed, and started in on my Trex 700N. I found why I lost tail control and feel stupid for it! This has happened before with my Trex 600N…and the 700… (It sucks getting old!). It was a link failure, but the link didn’t break, it was loose to the point that I could remove [pop] the link off with little a pressure, using just my finger! Putting it on required some force, but removing it…

The strange part to all of this, the day before I put 8 flights on it. I was flying inverted tail first, funnels nose in and transition into tail in, pirouetting funnels, 4 point tic toc’s, etc. Grant it, I wasn’t doing them fast, but to give out the next day? Ok, so maybe temp & humidity played a part from one day to the next… Who knows for sure…

The lesson here…check your links religiously! Apparently I didn’t do that the day before when I was cleaning my 700, but I did discover the control arm standoff was loose. Ok, I’m done beating myself up. So far the damage is one broken skid (have a spare), a bent boom (have a spare, the carbon fiber aluminum one), and the front gear set (have extra of that…common replacement part). I should have my 700 back on its feet by the end of today…and ready for more fun.

Hind sight… Check your links! Make sure you can’t pull/pop them off by hand/fingers! Save you spare parts for the dumb thumb / botched new maneuver(s).
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