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Heli-Log 7:12:2012

Posted 07-12-2012 at 09:06 AM by rcnut

Yesterday was our club meeting, so it was a good time to try out the Rave loops on my Trex 700. The meeting was ok, had the usual info, and I received a CD from our secretary with photos from our heli fun fly! Will post them later.

I put up 2 flights on my 700 with great results! The motor is breaking in fine, and the loops work. I just need to add a small piece of wire tie (like the instruction state) to each that will help in tightening them down more. So hopefully this will end the constant maintenance and start flying the blades off instead.

The piston came in yesterday for my YS 91 SR 3DS motor [that’s in the Rave], just waiting on the ring. It should be here today or tomorrow at the latest. I see an engine rebuild in my future! LoL.

After giving this some thought…the first flight of our fun fly was my Rave. The motor was acting goofy, it started out rick as heck, then lean out. It didn’t matter where I turned the needles. The mains were 3-1/2 turns out…at one time they were 4-5 turns out and still ran lean. I kept thinking it was a problem in the carburetor. But at the fun fly I was told to check the one way valve, I did and hopefully fixed this weird issue. Now If I can just get this motor running once again.

My YS engine pro/expert is out of commission for awhile, which forces me to learn this on my own…and with the help of my heli brothers on the forums! The other thing I want to check once the motor is apart…again! To see if the piston is cracked down the sleeve, this would cause a tinging sound coming from the muffler, a lot like a broken baffle weld.

Speaking of broken baffles…the pipe on my Trex 700 has a broken baffle. Once again I have a rattle can! I need to find someone that has an aluminum welder that could fix this for me…or learn how to do it myself…
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