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Heli-Log 8:24:2011

Posted 08-24-2012 at 08:45 AM by rcnut

The first day at IRCHA…

Once we arrived, we picked out a place to setup. Put up our pop-ups, then off to get our carts. I started the tour for Bob & Greg with a trip to the AMA museum. Then it was back to camp and some flying!

I dugout my heli and support equipment, radio, starter, fuel, etc. First flight was on my Protos 500, I wanted to “test the water” so to say…basically a warm up flight. Bob kept telling me not to wreak “his” favorite heli…Bob loves my Protos 500! Next up was my Compass 3D+. First flight was no problem…however, second flight, close to the end of the flight, the motor acted up during a back flip.

I landed safely as the motor quit. Upon arrival, I noticed the pressure fitting on the muffler came off. The threads stripped out! Great…now I need new muffler. This not how I wanted to start IRCHA. So I took a trip down the flight line, and I found one at a price I liked. I also noticed the fixed fuel tank was leaking…again! This time it was the main fuel fitting. Ok, I brought an extra tank with, so I replaced it. Took the muffler off, removed the old tank and installed the new tank. After that, we went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner, and then checked into our rooms.

The next day, I finished setting up the new tank and installing the new muffler, then I tried a flight. It was ok, but I had a few issues to address. I ran out of time as I signed up for flight line duties and there was much shopping to do, demos to watch, and people to talk to.

On Saturday, I spent some time with Greg’s heli…and it decided to give me fits! The motor didn’t want to run right, the tail sensitivity for some reason was too high, and the trims were all over the place. But I did manage to knock it back into shape and flying right.

Greg decided to pull the classic abandon his friends (Bob and I) for the tear-down and pack stuff up for a real heli ride! Just as Bob and I were securing the pop-ups to the top of the van…here comes the heli and it stops right by us. Greg is yelling hi to us. Bob and I…we ignored him…just a bit pissed off at this point! There was several thing that happened on our trip that I won’t go into, but I doubt Greg will be coming with us next year…if he continues his shenanigans. Oh yea…per Greg’s insistence, we traded the SWARM PARTY for a live band at some bar down town Muncie. Needless to say Bob & I were… Well, let’s just leave it at that.
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