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Indiana Winters....Cold and Gray

Posted 02-15-2008 at 09:38 AM by lperagallo

Here we are in the middle of winter in Indiana and guess what? It's cold and gray again. It's not that the cold bothers me as much as no sun. A couple of us like to fly year-round but we don't like to fly when there is no sun. Regardless of the temperature, it always feels better when the sun is out. The last couple of warm days we've had have been so windy you can't fly. Now by windy we're talking about 25-40 MPH winds. We are all crazy enough to fly up to 20MPH.

We have been lucky and gotten out a couple of times this winter. The only problem I've had with the cold is the Turbine is a bit more difficult to start, uses a lot of Powermax to heat up the combustion chamber, and a strange tracking issue with my Bergens. On the first flight of the day the tracking starts off about 1 to 1 1/2 turns out for the first 5 minutes of flying. Then the rest of the day, it's fine. Weird but you just have to live with it. Maybe with the cold linkage is stiff and binds a bit.

I've got two projects going. One is to finish building a CMP Cessna 182 ARF. This is my first plane build in 30 years and silly me, I thought an ARF was just that. I've got about 15 hours into the build. It's pretty big with a 65 inch wing span and it's pretty much scale, even with flaps. The best feature is that it's cheap. Only $134.95. Hell, I can drill this into the ground and replace the whole thing for less then a set of mains. A couple of us decided we should all have one plank so we can continue to fly all day when the planks take back their field at noon each Sunday! Should be interesting, I haven't flown a plank for 30 years, but I'm pretty good on the Sim. I guess my full size flying should help me out.

The other project is a TT scale MD530 for my Raptor 50. I haven't started it yet, but it looks like fun. This is sort of practice for a real scale ship for the turbine. I'm hoping that when Wren releases the MW44 that I can use that in a Bergen that I can throw around the sky and use the big Wren in a big scale.

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