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Found a potential new local source for parts

Posted 02-16-2008 at 11:04 PM by TheBum (TheBum's Hangout)

I stopped into BMI Hobbies in Plano, TX, to pick up the servo cable extension and the young lady who assisted me informed me that they actually have a heli guy on staff and that they carry Align parts as well as the "consumer" brands (E-Flite and Heli-Max). Alas, they only carry T-Rex 450 parts and I'll mostly be flying my 600N, but on those occasions where I need parts for my Diablo, I'll have to keep them in mind.
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Idle up - finally

Posted 02-16-2008 at 11:02 PM by TGibe (The Grass Is Brown Everywhere)
Updated 02-18-2008 at 07:48 PM by TGibe

Well today I went out to get a few packs of flying in and after the first pack decided to go into idle-up.

I met someone recently and they suggested that since I am using soft start on the Align ESC that I switch into Idle-up and then release throttle hold with the left stick about middle position. Tried this today and flew four full packs this way. Sure take a lot of getting used to running in idle up, but you have to learn sometime.
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Alan Szabo ruined it

Posted 02-16-2008 at 09:27 PM by jrohland (Feces of the male bovine quadruped)

I don't watch heli videos anymore. To be honest, after seeing an Alan Szabo video, there isn't anything else worth watching.

I know a number of people spend time, money, effort and helicopters to make all those videos but, I'm bored after the first five seconds.

I thank you for your efforts but, it will need to be something out of the ordinary for me to watch it.
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NW Ohio HeliFreaks

Posted 02-16-2008 at 08:25 PM by n8sx

Ok, anyone from around NW Ohio shoot me a comment, lets see if we can get a group going.

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After all of this time, the first inverted hover...sort of :)

Posted 02-16-2008 at 03:35 PM by Trooper Sam

I broke out the 450SE today, after letting it sit dormant for a few months. I've been doing loops and rolls with the 600, but haven't felt froggy enough to flip it inverted and hold it there.

After getting used to the tiny little beast again, and throwing it through rolls and such, I decided to go ahead and flip it, and do it high enough up and far enough out for safety.

I did so several times, one time really kind of losing it and getting it close to the pits, but...
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