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HeliFreak Social Groups
A growing bunch of like-minded heli flyers who fly together every chance they get at our "Field of Screams" in Damascus, Oregon. We are a no-drama group of pilots who are genuinely committed to helping our members advance their flying skills, make sure their birds are set up optimally and have as much fun as they possibly can as they beat the air into submission. AMA Chartered Club #5060
100 1,407 13,015 421
07:09 PM
HeliFreak Social Groups
Heli Pilots from PA unite!
1 1 1 0
HeliFreak Social Groups
A group for Florida area heli pilots.
34 9 21 5
12:18 PM
HeliFreak Social Groups
A group for Helifreaks in the wny area. Also a place to make new friends, give advice, plan get-together's etc.
33 12 107 5
HeliFreak Social Groups
This group is for central San Joaquin Valley California.
72 150 3,568 614
10:39 AM
HeliFreak Social Groups
A place for Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky and Indiana Residents who fly electric heli's, to gather and enjoy conversation online and offline including flying at local parks, sanctioned flying fields and chatting about electric heli's at coffee shops, bars, and restaurants here locally in the Greater Cincinnati area. Welcome to anyone in the area flying a small fixed pitch to a 700+ size collective electric RC Helicopter to share thoughts, opinions, flying sites and just have fun!
15 6 26 5
09:32 AM
HeliFreak Social Groups
A clone of the Align 450se V2 in many ways, these helis from Exceed seem to be unheard of nowadays. But if you happen to own one then come share the love and show off your BlueRay.
1 1 1 1
HeliFreak Social Groups
A good place for people in the cleveland area to meet and find buddies to fly with. From beginner to advanced pilots.
4 1 1 3
09:20 PM
HeliFreak Social Groups
Everyone from Alaska or anyone that has interest in Alaska and RC Heli's are welcome.
5 2 2 1
05:21 AM
HeliFreak Social Groups
For all the DRCW field regulars and anyone that has flown there.
18 14 59 15
09:03 PM
HeliFreak Social Groups
If you are canadian, you can join!
106 4 44 12
05:40 PM
HeliFreak Social Groups
A group for people interested in the use of RC helicopters for the benefit of society.
2 1 2 0
02:54 AM
HeliFreak Social Groups
Speak 2 (or more) languages? Join our group!
12 1 8 0
HeliFreak Social Groups
Just two simple rules to be a part of this group: 1. You must have a T-Rex 500 2. You must submit a picture of your 500 to the group :-) Have fun guys!
206 13 135 168
03:14 PM
HeliFreak Social Groups
For anyone who owns a TREX 500 or is looking at buying one. Please feel free to ask questions about purchasing, or modifying a TREX 500!
4 1 1 1
03:12 PM
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