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A group for shutterbugs, mainly DSLR users, but point/shoot people are welcome too! Nikon users only! OK OK joking:) Please post your gear and a picture if you want...
43 1 31 54
12:40 PM
OC Helifreak club discussions
11 1 12 2
Aloha to all the island cousins here in the 808. If you're a stick banging, blade swinging bradda...come on in!
20 1 98 12
07:13 AM
Trying to juggle your heli passion with raising a family? Any experiances in including your family in your hobby you want to share?
26 1 25 2
11:50 PM
If you have any off the PicooZ-range please join and tell us how much like it. Your flying tips, your videos, everyting you could think off. I'm collecting all the flying tips in a document so as soon as you find it difficult to find them, please PM me. [I like to say the pictures aren't mine, but just some I picked from the internet]
5 1 38 0
12:39 PM
14 1 9 0
01:11 PM
Just a nother place to talk about the bird we all love to have. If you want in. Make good post's and the more you post and do for others. that faster you get in. My way of saying good job to thou's out there that need to be Noted for the good they do to/for the newguys to flying....
34 1 8 0
10:49 PM
Just exactly what it says. This is a group for people who fly want to fly or are learning to fly both 1 to 1 and R/C's
7 1 18 3
11:29 PM
hawks(sport&Pro) and all other century helis welcomed:) feel free to post here on century helis of all kinds and provide pics:)
21 1 6 13
02:39 PM
Live in or moving to Okinawa, Japan.
3 1 2 0
11:53 PM
A place to discuss the ACME FlyCamOne and share pics and vids. Everybody welcome.
27 1 24 9
05:02 PM
Avant Aurora. Whether ya got one already, or one on the way.
38 1 21 8
05:23 AM
This is a group for Tech Model Products Tandems! So join if you fly a Twinn Rexx or are in the process of buying, building or helping others.
35 1 19 10
06:28 AM
A place for the freaks in Central California (Santa Maria to Paso Robles)
7 1 5 0
06:19 PM
Hi freak chefs, This is a group for all freaks that like to cook! So let's see some recipes! PG 378
25 1 50 4
12:22 PM
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