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Originally Posted by TomC View Post

I'm currently flying mine in Fixed mode using one of switches to turn horiz mode on/off. I set the up switch atv to zero for rigid only and down to 80% gain for horiz mode (fairly high gain/quick recovery). I test this feature quite a bit to make sure it works ok. I have only had to use it once when I lost orientation and it worked very well. It kept the heli from spining/augering into the ground and gave me time to fully recover my orientation. You can fly around in horiz mode but you need to hold the sticks in position to keep it moving. Anytime you center the stick it will want to auto-level. I don't like flying around this way too often.

In this fixed mode you are limited to soft 3D since rotation rates need to be limited to ~200deg/sec for A/E and 400deg/sec for the tail (with an extrernal gyro, 200 if using internal one). This is to avoid confusing the stablisation sensors. If I use Extreme mode (you need your PC to switch to this mode) there is no limit but there is no auto-stablisation mode either. Right now I am finding the fixed mode great for soft 3D, backwards, and inverted practise. I'll switch it back to extreme mode when I want to wring it out.

Hope this helps.

Hi Tom,
So when you use your switch to turn on horizontal mode (to recover quickly), how much of a lag time is there between the time you turn it on, and the time it takes to recover?

I know that when using a CoPilot II, you flick the switch and the system immediately kicks in to get you to a horizontal position. Can you do this with the Helicommand Rigid (flick a switch to save one's rear end)? Or does the Helicommand need some time to "recalibrate" before putting you in a stable, horizontal, hover position.

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