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Binding the TX to your heli

Tx 2801 Pro with 4G6 (HH gyro)
Tx 2801 Pro with 4G6S (3-axis gyro)
  • Read and follow Tom's very comprehensive guide here.
  • Try Dkfuji/Manny's settings. Note that PLT controls the amount of +/- pitch that you have in Normal mode. The lower (i.e., more negative) you add to PLT, the less maximum pitch you will have at full throttle. You can also then adjust the Idle-up pitch curve itself by switching to 2801 mode and adjusting the throttle curve and going back to 2601 stick mode. The higher you make PIT value (more "+") the less pitch you have at start-up and Normal flight. If you keep PLT at "0", the pitch curve is too steep and you end up with way too much pitch (at top and bottom collective stick) that will bog the motor in Idle-up flight mode. If you leave the PIT at "0", you will have too much pitch at 1/4 to 1/2 stick in NOR flight mode which makes it harder to control and land without cutting the motor out.

Tx 2602 with 4G6 (HH gyro)
  • To be added

Tx 2602 with 4G6S (3-axis gyro)ESC matters
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