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Default Setting up cyberhead

Easy to do but I have had a few questions - note I have my "mixer arm" ball on the outside contrary to instructions which show them on the inside.

First off get your servo output arms nice and square at mid stick - then adjust your servo torque arms to swash links so that the swash is level at mid travel - I find a swash leveler here very useful and use a Compass one which is about 18mm thick - the link lengths come out about 41mm end to end (or 34mm mid ball to mid ball)

Next up get your grip at zero pitch - I use a 5mm tail shaft through the grip bolt hole lined up with the mast and a rubber band wrapped around the grip to keep it in position.

Next up you have to adjust the rotor head to arm link length (mine came out to 55mm end-end) so that at blade zero pitch the short limb of the arm is exactly in line with the grips - you can use the grip arm bolts to help with this - this makes sure that the long arm to swash link is square - this is a vital setup to reduce delta and funny mixing effects.

Last up adjust the length of your swash to long arm link so that the arm remains as adjusted above and the swash is mid position. This should result in the link being square with the offset longer mixer arm. I'm not giving a length here as I have the rotor head dropped down a bit and custom links .

There - easy !
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