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Okay.., but I forgot to ask for the firmware version of the JLog2 (You find it in "version.txt" on the SD). The first charge delivered was initially flashed with version 3.1, the next one with 3.2.1, the current release is 3.2.2_32.135.

W'd be a good idea to flash with the last release at first.
This is a 2-step update, find everything related here:

Attached three versions of a CONFIG.TXT (please rename then), #1 for firmware 3.1, #2 for 3.2.1, #3 for the current 3.2.2.

Content: 10-pole, 1:12.36, Reset off, LogStop on, HPW off, no alarms configured, no alarm lines, no optional sensors, telemetry==Unidisplay.

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