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just a very quick post ( sorry for the " troll") regarding Joe's issue with the Quasar.
We have worked overnight and found what has been going on.
(We have requested Helifreak for a Gryphon section so we do not bother here in the future).
We have identified that on the Quasar Batches GSR7075-1136 and GSR7075-1137 (check ref on the header card) there has been a wrong value input capacitor, that stressed the voltage controler chip under very rare circumstances ( instant high current raise from a load like a tail servo binding on power on or the wrong frequency / pulse after reset the fbl unit linked with a particular input voltage mostly at 12 or 14S). We have to say that this is clearly not the customer fault if the QUasar went " spoof" but just several factors together that brought the voltage controller in an eratic state from the input capacitor because ti's value was wrong.
After checking, we have seen that on the 2 mentionned batches, we had simply not load the PCB machine with the right capacitors value ( we mistaken with another bank).
We deeply apologize for this and if your header card on your quasar has the batch number 1136 or 1137, please return it to your retailer or contact us and we will proceed with a free exchange asap. If you have any doubt and have thrown away the header card, we can still perform an exchange fwith no problems or check that you have the right version.
We have localised the following reailers who might have a few of these 2 batches in stock in USA:
- Experience Rc
- ReadyHeli

Do not hesitate to contact me by PM if you need any other informations, and sorry again for the post trolling.

@Joe: we had done the necesary this morning so you get a full replacement of your electronics at your LHS, including the servos that are still working as we do believe they have been damaged also even if they still work.

BEst regards,
Gryphon / Hatzs
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