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I have been working with this gyro for a couple weeks. I ust admit it is a little strange as far as set up and functions. As far as my set up it is on a Trex 600 efl 12S all GT5 settings are stock except for total gain of 100. The issue I have is that if no inputs to the cyclic from radio (DX8) on the bench the elevator and ail will move typically ele to the back and ail over to left. If I put the collective at mid stick with TH on it does seem to level it out some but not perfectly. If I fly it it really flyes extremely well but find that this stationary drift to be alarming due to the fact that last week while the heli was armed and sitting on the grass it drifted so much that it popped off the left ail servo link and was un noticed until slight take off and it wanted to tip over. Saved it popped the link on and all was fine flew ~6-8 packs. I guess that the gyro can not be left sitting for extended periods ~ 1-2 minutes after arming without taking flight. Any thoughts would be great. Also anyone here using this GT5 from the New England area I am from Leominster MA area and would like to see some others that are set up.

Look at the G-T5 main display when this occur. If solid bars move, sensors indicate movement = drift. Drift may be caused by temperature difference or by out of spec sensor. My both G-T5 sits hours calmly without swash movement. If solid bars on your G-T5 do not move and swash plate will move, check your TX pots and try to increase swash stick deadband in G-T5.
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