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Helicopter Safety R/C Helicopter Safety

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Originally Posted by Atomic Skull View Post
One thing I worry about is the FAA deciding that big helis are simply too inherently dangerous to be flown as recreational machines and outright banning them except as FAA certified airframes with mandatory performance restrictions in place (e.g. mechanical limits of collective pitch range) and special training required for operation.

Don't think this could happen? Sale of lawn darts is now banned because they were deemed "too dangerous" and it's even against the law to give away an existing set.
IMO the most important factor the frequency of accidents more so than the severity. I also think who's getting hit is also more important than how many people are getting. Lawn dart accidents were probably much more frequent than heli accidents and those injured were likely not the ones throwing them. As long as bystanders aren't getting hit somewhat frequently, I doubt the FAA will do anything.

That said, nothing's for sure.
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The number of people hurt by RC aircraft of all types is still thankfully vanishingly low, as demonstrated by Joe Public's total lack of awareness of the dangers involved. Many of us have seen "civilians" suddenly appear too close to our helis, even at clubs and designated flying areas. The pervasive mindset is "RC = toy = cannot hurt me".

That may change if and when delivery quads start falling out of the sky, but for now I believe the RC heli hobby is unlikely to be singled out for extra legislation.
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fatal crash, roman pirozek

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Helicopter Safety R/C Helicopter Safety

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