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Default Well..

To add to the furvor.... ive now flown my zeal blades, 690mm, at 2150 rotor rpm about 40 flights and as of late they have been brutal flights, and have had no issue. My last castle log shows me hitting almost 200 amps on a transient with regualar peaks of 160-170, hard collective direction changes with equally hard cyclic involved and they are still 100%. Crisp, solid and since ive not posted a crash report, they are still here. Ive said it before, and ill say it again, is love to see an objective report for all brands of rotoe blades for flights to failures. I had some revolution blades disintegrate mid air in a hover at 1800 with only 20 flights maybe on them. So im no stranger to issues. I just hate to hang someone without hard numbers and proof. Like how many sold vs how may toast and what were the conditions?
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For Fun-Key, their safety record is 100% since they started making RotorTech in 2006. EDGE, BBT, Radix, XBlades, Halo, VTX, DH and Rail followed later on, from which I've never heard of a single failure.

Hawk-RC had a couple failures with Align 325/425mm and Revolution blades, their 600-700mm blades are on par with Fun-Key though.

SAB had one failure during a McDoogle I know of, otherwise i haven't heard anything bad.

SpinBlades had problems in the past, this thread alone contains 17 cases of either failures or cracked roots.

An Viet Long had quite some failures with their Zeal blades (mains delaminated, tails broke off at root), I haven't counted them yet, good guessing would be 10 failures of each on the forums and heard from private sources (even one of their team pilots had it happen) so far.
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Zeal blades fail again, check this out.
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