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Lama V3/V4 and Kob E-Sky Lama V3 and V4 and Kob

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Default New to forums/New to flying/Just bought Esky CoCo Lama V3

Hello, when I was a kid I had a toy called the "Whirly Bird" or something and have been fascinated by helicopters ever since.
I even viewed Niagara Falls from one (without a door) once.... and boy was that fun when your 10-11 years old.

Anyway I took the plunge and got the Esky CoCo Lama V3.
I used it twice,and have broken the top plastic clip on the top of the inner shaft.

(The snowblower in the garage took it out)

This was stupid I know, but I couldn't resist at least firing up the rotors to see if it would lift and all.
Every time I started to lift... the heli would drift to one side or the other and I would have to shut it down.

Well this time it drifted too far, thus breaking the plastic clip on the end of the inner shaft that holds the stabilizer bar in place.

This though is no problem.. as I have ordered a new one and have already removed the broken one, and I am ready for replacement.

I spent about 15 minutes trying to find a "hobby store" in my area to fix it until I realized it was time for me to start learning.

So I did the research and took it out.
I'm sure this won't be the last time and I'm actually finding it quite interesting.

The TX came with the servos switches reversed on the "AIL" and "ELE" and the "THR" and RUD" switches were on normal.

Is this o.k.? Is this right?
I know I'm in mode 2 as the "gas" is on the left "ribbed" joy stick. Can't find any info on this.

I just don't want to make things harder for me than they are.
I relize there is a lot of practice involved, but the heli just seemed to want to go more left or right, back or forward than up.

Even just trying to get up 6 -12 inches or so. Is that normal?
It's probably just my inexperience but I can't wait to try again.
Maybe by then the weather will break with no wind and I can have more space or something.

Any suggestion?
I know reading these forums will help me tremendously.

Thanks a lot!

Edited to add: I also just ordered the USB cord for my TX and downloaded FMS.
When the cord gets here I'll try that method for a little while.
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I can't help you with your type of model. I am not familiar with it.

First, as a fellow newbie, WELCOME TO THE FREAK!

My only advice, make sure you have a decent set of training gear on the heli. It will save a ton of crashes initially. Yes, even the little Lama's and such are a handful for someone new. I went through four sets of blades on mine in the first month.

I am only about two months ahead of you. <WARNING> This is very addicting. No... I still don't know what I am doing after two months. I still find myself regularly surfing the freak for more information. This is the best resource out there.

The learning curve on these things is like drinking water from a fire hose.
Mark - I'm not really psycho... I just act that way sometimes.

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Thanks PsychoPilot145. The training gear was the only other thing I bought initially.

Did I put it on? I will though now that I've had a taste.

A taste of fun, a taste of looking for the parts and figuring out how to fix it myself and a taste of knowledge.

I just got jumpy like a kid on Christmas morning.
Now that I'm over the initial giddiness and have repairs already, I'll be more cautious.
Plus I have the USB cord for the sim coming. That should help somewhat.

Thanks for the reply.
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Lama V3/V4 and Kob E-Sky Lama V3 and V4 and Kob

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