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Default New E325 flybarless kit

New kit is supposed to come out at the end of this month! How do you guys think it will compare to the Align and 450x? As of now its only in a kit form and fully blinged out with all the nice alluminum like TT likes to do. We will see if they make a combo
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Scott Bowersox
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I saw that at the Toledo Show this weekend. Looked just like a V2 with their new FBL head. Just a different option for those going FBL from the get go, don't have to spend money buying the FB head then converting. Didn't notice anything else different.

IMO I put the Mini Titan above the Trex and that above the Blade. But I haven't flown the 450 Pro. I hear that is a good machine now finally. I can only compare to the older one and i'm so glad I switched. Main reason for me liking the MT is the bigger disc for it's class. Larger disc, more stability, smoother flying and lower disc loading. I just prefer it's presence in the air. Similar to my Protos and Raptor.
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I worked last week on 450 Pro clone and... MT is all way for me... Over there I crashed because of static - even though I had some (apparently not adequate) grounding. So, all I needed to do is... an hour of taking all apart and putting it back again - loctiting it as I went along. All with setting up belt tension again...

Problems I needed to solve (hard way) were such I never, ever had with MT. Even simple servo swap (fix) after crash I needed to take 8 screws at the front to get to the servos on 450 Pro... Not to mention servo wire routing and if you try to be smart - you end up needing to take everything apart just to take servo out Last time I routed everything on outside (no matter on sharp edges of CF frames )
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Flybarless kit is on stock on some places. I am not sure about combos. TT doesn't seem to do them too much recently.
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Default MT Flybarless Kit

Here is the link for the kit. I am fairly new at the heli so I don't know if this kit is good or not. However, I would like to know for a future upgrade. What would be the primary benefit of flybarless?

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Flybarless helicopters are generally a little more crisp in moving around, especially with the newest flybarless 3-axis gyros. They're fantastic at making lots of birds precise and fast feeling. There are less rotating parts in the head, so parts can generally move a little better with less resistance, and there's also less wind drag on the rotating head. It's just a better setup overall (some will argue that ), but it's all for nothing if you don't have a decent flybarless system. However, there are plenty on the market now that can be had for a good price... 3GX, BeastX, or even one of the cheaper Tarot-style brands seem to work well.

Most kits are offered in flybarless format now, so fbl would be your best bet at a future-proof machine. Generally, these kits will be about the same price as their flybarred counterparts, but you can add in an extra hundred or so, on average, to compensate for the need for a flybarless unit.
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I always felt the Mini Titan to be a better handling bird in the air than the T-REX.

I felt more connected to the machine. Thats just my opinion.

That flybarless head sure looks nice and precise.
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