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I just put a vid up pot one of my first flights with mine. I now have 8 tanks through it and still playing around to see just what it will do.

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I should be done wiring and ready to start her up before the weekend's up. I realized I don't know how to start up a gasser? Nitro, I get, there's no ignition system though. Do I just turn on all the electronics, open up the butterfly on the engine (how wide)

I'm going to be running coleman fuel with yamalube at 32:1 for the break in. Good idea? I don't have access to any lawnboy in my area that I can find.
Glad to hear you're closer to the maiden flight.....

I have a Pull start and some Break-in oil if you need to get it crankin.... as per my PMs, let me know if you need Local Help.
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Also, and this is cheating a little, for the first few starts, I used a short squirt of eather. This will just about guarantee a start, but most times it's a hot start. Once the eather has burned off the RPMs should drop. Some of the "pros" may suggest against using eather. (Sometimes I am an example of what not to do)

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Century Century Helicopters Support

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