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Default Can I ask a favor of a Showgun V2 with CNC head owner?

Hi guys,

I own a Falcon 3D and just recently added the full CNC head to my helicopter.

The Falcon 3D is essentially a showgun V2 clone. The CNC head is almost exactly identical.

I have a problem that I cannot figure out, and I've come to the conclusion that I assembled the head wrong (no instructions as I bought an already converted heli and used the parts off of it on my own.)

I'll copy what I posted at RC Groups in the Falcon 3D area.

Here's a weird problem I'm having that I can't figure out.

I've just rebuild my entire falcon, and added the full CNC aluminum head.

After doing so when testing the pitch while in 3D (motor dis-connected) I'm getting negative pitch at full throttle, and positive pitch with low throttle.

So I thought maybe I reversed channel 3. So I turn it back, but now the ESC won't initialize because it thinks at low throttle position (with switch set to NORM) I'm giving full throttle!!! What gives?

Could I have messed up the links on the head somehow? I didn't go based off any pictures. Everything in the head moves as it should, flybar cage, collective everything, just if I put the "servo" reverse switch in one position, it thinks I have full throttle in NORMAL mode, but when switched to 3D the collective servo moves in the opposite direction. Understand?

I don't know what to do now until my DX7 gets here and I can "over ride" it but I think I have something set up incorrectly.

I think this might clarify...

Currently Channel 3 is set to "Normal" not "Rev"

The pitch servo moves correctly. At low throttle normal mode, I have about 2 or 3 degrees negative pitch, and by full throttle about 5 degrees positive (what I have my dials set to)
In 3D mode I have 11 positive at full throttle, 0 at midstick and 11 negative pitch at low throttle. Perfect!

I unplug the heli, connect the motor. Plug back in the heli (with the transmitter still on) and I get the 2 beep ESC initialization (same thing if you were to leave the 3D switch on and try to plug in your heli.

If I reverse channel 3 (Tx switch in the reverse position) then the collective is all backwards, BUT the ESC initializes correctly and the motor works.

I had to have reversed something in the head... but I don't know how. This was the only way it would go together.

I basically need some close-up pictures of your swash/head in particular the linkages. A few views from different angles would be nice.

Thanks for the help,
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Zoom/Shogun 400 Electric - Zoom - Shogun 400 Specific Discussion

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