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Originally Posted by Finless View Post
Heim Joint, been thinking about this on the T250. I think it might be better to tune the weights so there is some tennis racket effect trying to return the slider to center. Reason I say that is slop. By having some return force this "takes up" the slop that is in the slider. Of course when you transition from left to right it will slop over and take up the slop the other direction. But with ot without the mod this will be the case anyway.
With 0 force then the tail as the ability to always slop back and forth in any position and thus the servo is wagging trying to compensate and take up the slop.

All my align helis the design has some inherent slop in the slider. On larger helis the proportions are enough that the slop doesn't seem to cause issue. But when they scaled down the 250 the didn't scale down the part tolerances (and probably couldn't or it would be too expensive) so now in proportion the slop is too much for this little tail and the control resolution. So having a small amount of back force may help keep this slop taken up. Get the idea?


I understand completely and I will check it out on the next tuning run. My initial guess is the tuning that would give a pushrod force that will actualy gently push back to 0 pitch from either side would be relatively high. probably 5-6 oz. on the T250. You can see if there is a performance difference by comparing the batman blade to the straight blade on the T250 with the Chinese weights on. The straight blade is wider and has about 5 oz, pushrod force using the weights that were tuned for the batman blades. If the tail seems more precise with the straight blade then that would support your point. You would need to separate more "authority feel" from more "precise feel" because the straight blade has more area. I would think that if this was a large issue you would see a "micro wag" in a hover from the gyro/servo fighting the play in the control system.


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