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I've got a wierd tail-issue too.

Super combo, stock setup. Initially I had the binding issue, but now I've sanded the hub down, and it seems to be better. I can change tail pitch by hand, allthough it needs high amount of force...

Gyro set up as per instructions in this thread, and full delay, small heli, 25-35 % gain in futaba AVCS mode, ball is aprox. 5 mm. from center. Tested with a 3154, but same issue.

The problem:
When hovering, I push the rudder stick, and turn the heli just 1/8 - 1/4 turn, it starts wagging, and i 5-10 wags it settels down again. The problem increases by increasing the gain, but i've got a very bad-holding tail at 25% gain, and the problem is still there.

I'm allmost at the point of trying the spartan-cure, but normally I do not quit when it should be possible to work it out.

Any suggestions to this problem ?
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