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Originally Posted by BlakeMcBrayer
Hey Bob,

After getting my post that listed a link to your ESC mod and info on how to get my "Thermal Epoxy and Heat Shrink Kit" deleted from RR, I have made this my new home. I figure I had better get some info up on the kit.

My "Thermal Epoxy and Heat Shrink Kit" consist of the same thermal epoxy from MG Chemicals that Bob uses in his mod. The smallest bottles of epoxy that can be purchased run any where from $35 to $45 dollars for 450ml.

I wanted to make the epoxy available in a small kit that would be enough epoxy to do 2 or 3 ESC's and be affordable! The kit runs $7.50 including heat shrink and shipping in the CON US.

The "Thermal Epoxy and Heat Shrink Kit" also has one piece of BLUE or BLACK heat shrink. Two extra pieces of heat shrink can be added to the kit for $1.00

If you have any questions or want to place an order for the kit then contact me via PM and I will give you my email, PalPal address or mailing address. I accept PayPal with no extra charges, money orders and even personal checks.

THANKS to all!
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Blake's a straight up guy, and his 'parting out' small portions to make the mod cost effective is a great idea.
This is the type of home industry that will promote the hobby, and we are glad to see someone do it!
Rock on Blake!
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