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Default New Hurricane Frame Design

Hi Guys

I have been working on this design on and off for a few months now and have decided to push it forward again, and I would really like your feedback on it.

If I get enough interest then I would consider making a few sets for other people.

I have designed a new one piece frame with direct to swash servo mounts that will accept full size servo's.

I don't take credit for any great new ideas I merely combined some of my favorite design aspects from a couple of other Hurricane frames that I liked for example direct to swash servo mounting idea from the CHP frames although modified to accept full size servo's and the one piece frame idea from the Hurricane 425. The servo's shown in th epictures are the exact dimensions of a Spektrum DS821.

I have currently built a full size prototype using acrylic instead of Carbon for trial purposes and found that the battery mounting position was slightly wrong and I could not fit the canopy properly, so the pictures attached show the revised battery position.
I will have another revised frame set cut in acrylic soon and depending on the results I have just enough 2mm carbon sheet to have a final set cut in carbon.
I will post some pictures of the 1st acrylic prototype later this evening
The Arced lines shown around the frame represent the outline of the canopy when installed. Also shown on the Heli are a pair 4100 3sell Lipos one on top of the other. These are the largest pack that I fly with so if these fit then almost any battery configuration should fit.

I have designed the frame set to be a straight swap for the standard carbon framed hurry using all the std hardware like bearing mounts etc.

Some of the components shown in the attached pictures are in Red some are Blue some are in Grey and some White. The components in RED are optional and represent std items that I have redesigned.

Items shown in Grey are std hurry components such as the top main shaft bearing block

The motor mount is shown in RED as I have modified it to accept a frame stiffener to be bolted to the back of it. Not dissimilar to Marco's STIFFY.

The lower main bearing block is shown in red as I have modified it to accept a full size main shaft bearing for the OWB shaft. the lower OWB shaft bearing block has also been designed for a full size main shaft bearing. This idea is yet to be proven as i am not sure there is enough space to allow for the thicker bearings. I have yet to assemble the OWB shaft and take any measurements.

I have further stiffened the drive line with two more frame stiffeners to try and eliminate any potential frame flex that could alter the mesh of the gears that mate with the main gear. Each frame stiffener should ideally have its own shape but to reduce the number of different parts I have reused the same component.

Also any component shown in RED could be used on a STD carbon framed Hurricane

I have shown the STD swash anti rotation bracket as this will be required on this frame.

Components shown in Blue are all new and are required when you use this frame e.g. the 120 degree servo mounts and the Frame spacers

The frame has been designed around and is shown with the Raptor / Trex600 landing skids but as we all know the Std hurry skids will bolt up with very minor mods.

So guys please let me know your thoughts.

Many thanks

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