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Hey Mike

Thanks for your comments, constructive critisism is what this is all about!!

The battery shown in the drawings is a 6cell lipo same as i currently fly with, admittedly its a bit on the large side at 4100mah but i manage to get it to balance and fly fine. Some people mount their Lipos in Hurricnaes with standard plastic and carbon frames this way with both packs on the top.
My thinking behind designing it this way from the start is it helps keep the weight higher up in the frame to help make rolls more axial. Also some people are starting to use 6 cell packs as opposed to 2x3cell packs for the convenience.

The battery is also shown in a forward position and can be moved back up the battery mount closer to the motor with no problems. The battery mount itself is also adjustable for and aft so there should be n problem figuring out the best positon for correct CoG

I hear what you say about not having any sacrificial parts to the frame but i was aiming for lightness with this one. The Hurricane 425 and CHP frames didnt have a lower sacrificial frame. However I would highly recommend that you use plastic bolts or tie wraps to mount the landing gear.

To be honest i have no idea how much more powerfull the servos would need to be in a direct to swash system. I doubt weather they see much more load than the normal hurricane system due to the fact that none of the levers reduce the throw of the servo increasing the mechanical advantage. Also the CHP fram flew just great from all accounts with the smaller 9650 servos. The big dissadantage of the direct to swash system is the un balanced load seen by the servo when in comparison to a push pull system which will balance the load on the servo output spline. PLus the push pull helps to eliminate slop in the control system.
The advantage of direct to swash is initial set up and simplicity plus lower parts count and less weight. plus it moves the weight of the servo's higher up in the heli helping with the axial rolls.

The pictures of the prototype frame with canopy and battery show that the adjustment n the battery mounting tray.
This is the first prototype and you can see that on the drawings in the first post the battery is much higher up and it interfers with the canopy.
Oh and the prototype frame dosent have the Servo mounts on it yet either as I am still waiting for them to be machined.

Thanks for the interest

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