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Originally Posted by Markeydoo View Post
It looks great. My first though was that there was not enough room for the lower battery than I saw how you stacked your batteries.
Do you have a picture of the canopy on with the stacked batteries?

Good work
Hey Mark

As mentioned in previously i manage to get the angle of the battery mounting tray wrong with the prototype frames in the pictures and the battery's wont fit under the standard plastic canopy. The drawings show the new battery location which is a little more forward and angled down.

In the side view you can see the rough outline of the canopy and it should give plenty of room inside for almost any 6cell battery combination and maybe even A123.

If someone can post some dimensions of the A123 cells I can draw them up and see how they would fit. That would be really quick and easy to do.

I am hoping to get the servo mounts machined very soon and a new set of acrylic frames cut with the revised battery mount position so i can reassemble and test with canopy on.

I am very tempted to test fly the heli with the Acrylic frames as when bolted up with all the spacers etc its surprisingly stiff!! i would be too worried about the landing gear mounting tabs though as they wouldnt take much of a knock to break.

Thanks for the interest guys

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