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Could you more deeply explain the meaning of the line in the results window that says...."Max normal bogging applied you will see RPM at: 2285 (for example). I don't understand what this number represents.
If you run 100% throttle (or a really good governor for that matter) and have a motor that is large enough, during flight it shouldnt really dip below this much in teory.

Sample: If you choose desirepower/outrage packs you see that this number is very close to 75% governored on a Jive/Jazz, but if you select 25C pack it will be alot lower, in other words, on a older pack you might need to run 70% to get optimal performance.

Also, if you have a RPM meter and you go below this alot, it means your motor is under-sized or you have other issues (like I found I had too many poles motor and ESC max switching limit kicked in..)
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