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Originally Posted by bobbybe View Post
everybody knows that wazzer still uses the training gear!!! hahaha i can send insults all the way from belfast, n.ireland... hahahaha

seriously tho how the heck did you put that together? i wouldn't have thought someone with sun-baked jungle-kissed grey matter could put something so sophisticated together, and with cad (??) illustrations as well! the only question i have is because the lack of the wider lower frame halves, would there still be enough room to comfortably place the rx/wires? i really like that you can put a 6s or 2x 3s on top and there's a plate on the bottom which seems perfect for the esc! good job waaahzer
Well the sun doesn't fry the Grey matter when you're sat in an air conditioned office all day!! Its JB's brain that gets fried on site.

I use a combination of AutoCAD and SketchUp for these drawings. I cant highly recommend SketchUp enough its a great program for 3D drawing and its free to download. I use the pro version for work and use the extra features allot.

Yes the lower frames are just wide enough for small RX like the AR6200 but an AR7000 will have to be mounted on its side inbetween the frames.

Yes the plate below the batteries is designed for the ESC, the space above it is meant for the BEC and or Datalogger I also presumed that people would mount some of the electronics on the outside of the frames. The frame is the same width as the CHP frame as its predetermined by the bearing blocks and motor mount boom clamps etc. I did think of machining all new bearing blocks and desiging and new better motor mount (something that makes adjusting gear meash easier!!) to widen the frames a little but that kinda defeats the idea a bit as i wanted to use as many of the standard Gaui parts as poss.

I have a new motor mount design that is a direct replacment for the Std Gaui one and it should work on all Gaui and aftermarket frames. Pictures to follow

Cheers All
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