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Default Gaui 200 build videos

Never say NEVER as James Bond did....

Well OK I am doing a Gaui 200 build video series WHY? Because I have been asked by users more times than I can count and TWO because a great sponsor like Empire RC asked as well.

I am still skeptical how much I will like to fly a heli this size but now I will find out! In the end I am looking forward to it because anything heli is something I enjoy!

BTW this stuff is SMALL! I am going to focus on things related to SMALL!

So let's get on with it!

Video Link ->What's in the box!! (38 Megs)

OK, since this is a pre-built heli I thought I would go over some stuf and review the airframe. So these 3 segments are about the airfame Head, frames, belt, pinion, and tail!

Video Link ->Head and main shaft assembly (50 Megs)

Video Link ->Main frame overview and Pinion setup (45 Megs)

Video Link ->Tail Assembly check out (35 Megs)

Video Link ->Servo Installation (33 Megs)

Video Link ->Servo Setup (57 Megs)

Video Link ->Head Setup (60 Megs)

Video Link ->Electronics Install (36 Megs)

Video Link ->Tail Servo Setup (26 Megs)

Video Link ->Gaui ESC Setup (26 Megs)

Video Link ->Final Build Overview (14 Megs)

My 3rd flight report...
Video Link ->Flight Review (57 Megs)

UPDATED 2/21/2011
HF user Nexgen also did some great videos on the Gaui 200 with some tips worth looking at!
Watch them here in this post.


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