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Default Share your Phoenix video recordings here.

Share and watch Phoenix video recordings! Nothing like spectating others and watching stick movements and changing camera views etc...


Call up the video recorder in phoenix.. make your recording.. save it.. then quit phoenix. Go to 'owner Documents/PhoenixRC/recordings' and find the file you just made and zip and upload... or you can sure send it to me (PM me for email address) and I can host it.

Download the file (or zip file)... unzip if necessary... move it to your 'owner documents/PhoenixRC/recordings' folder.. run Phoenix.. call up the video recorder.. click the open button and you should see it in the list! Be sure to click the left-most button so you don't fly ALONG with the other heli.. but spectate the other heli

To get the ball rolling... Here is my current skill level after 8 months on the Blade 400... nothing fancy but this shows what I can currently do in real life and what I will be practicing more come spring 2009... (at the moment it is -12F and snowing 8+ inches )

Tx.. SLY
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