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Yeah Brit working here for nearly 13 years now. Did a lot of work in Brunei in 97 98 and some work down in Tengarong ( spelling) in 03. Been to KK only once years back on holiday to Sepilok. Cool place. At least you have plenty of places to fly. Singapore's filling up with concrete fast!

Signmakers idea ....I've a few contacts here ...mmmmmh could be fun.
Carbons a bitch to machine. Cutting tool speed etc. Apparently it depends on the resin type used in laminating the CF cloth. All heat related issues. But like you say bit of work sorts it out.

I've been using poly carbonate for roofing design and it's more expensive than acrylic but bullet proof ( literally). Apparently it machines like acrylic so might be useful

Check our dama >
They've got the lot

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