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Thanks for the great video on the 9Z!

I know that this video was done a while ago, but this minor point that may help someone if they want to properly understand the functions of this overly powerful (and therefore confusing) radio.

Under Failsafe setup, I believe Bob mentions the 'BFS' setup as 'before fail safe', he states that it's confusing and that it allows you to return the control of the servos my moving the throttle stick.

This is not quite right.

'BFS' is the 'Battery Fail Safe' feature. If the receiver detects that your battery voltage (going into the receiver, not your motor battery) is too low, it will drop your motor throttle to idle (or a programmed set point). To regain control of your throttle, you then must move the throttle stick to below the set point, and then move it back up above the set point to have throttle again.

Note that this function does not affect any of the fail safe channels except the throttle control.

Of course moving your throttle stick on a heli also changes the collective, so this feature may not be very useful for a heli pilot. I think its more useful for aircraft pilots. But then again, losing receiver voltage is not good for any pilot!

Either way, feel free to disable this function as Bob mentioned in the video.
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