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This is a great mod. There was a very good discussion on RR under Bob's mod thead and since it was lost, and this is kind of a recreation, hear is a link (froogle search) on arctic silver's "arctic alumina" that was in the thread. This is the way I found it.

I did the mod a while back. I used the Arctic Silver "Arctic Alumina". The heat sink and everything else on the ESC runs evenly warm now. The heat sink was barely above ambient temperature before with the heat shrink under it.

A did a mod to put a heat sink on the sim's of an FP 4 in 1 before and made my own heat sink adhesive. A thread to a computer link (stuff for hopped up video accelerators) was also on the RRs lost stuff explaining how to make it and a test report. Edit: Here is the link: The test was devised to check thermal transfer and showed that the homemade stuff worked just about as good as Artic Alumina. It was one part 5-minute epoxy to 1 part thermal paste by weight I think. I used a non-silicone paste for that. Heat transfer was good and it held well. But, I waited for the Arctic Silver Epoxy for the T-Rex ESC.
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