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I also find as a necessary step after programming out interactions that I need to adjust Ail, Ele, and Pitch (collective) AFRs so I have the same pitch amounts on the main blades at the end points. I'm not talking about the Swash AFR, though that may need adjusting as well. The Swash Detail is nice but it causes the individual end points to change. For example, the higher the link compensation values you enter the more the end points get out of sync. I use a pitch gauge on the blades and check for the same max degree in full right and left ail, full up and down elevator, and min and max collective. If I need to adjust I use the individual AFR settings under the Model menu.

I know there are people who advise setting roll rate right and left based on what the heli is doing in the air. A clockwise rotating rotor disk will require more pitch to roll left than right but I like to set max blade angle the same as a starting point.

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